The birth of the SOULpreneur Business Circle

Sharyn Coleman | 07 May, 2020 | 1 Comment

            The birth of the SOULpreneur Business Circle

The birth of the SOULpreneur Business Circle

If you’ve ever taken the Abundance journey with Deepak Chopra, you’ll have heard the term ‘Synchrodestiny’ and that is how I’m feeling this week. Very much in the flow of synchrodestiny, let me explain why.

I have a very small group on Facebook, called ‘Business Basics for SOULpreneurs’, it’s not quite a secret group, but I haven’t done very much to promote it or to invite people along, and I’ve been very spasmodic in what I’ve posted. In fact, I think it’s had half a dozen incarnations - as my focus has changed, so has the name of the group!

I know everyone in the group personally. Last week I wrote a post asking them if they would like to be part of a business circle. I tagged them individually, because I knew it was unlikely to appear in their FB feed, and I created a poll, so they could tell me when would suit them the best. Most of them kindly responded. 😊

Running alongside this, has been my thought that I’d like to run a circle in line with the moon cycles.

Just before The Great Pause took hold, I went to The Red Tent Tribe monthly meeting in Brighton and Hove, the group was lovely as you would expect, and one of the speakers there discussed the sacredness of our cycles as women, and how to work with those cycles, not against them. This really spoke to me, and I began to see how the cycles applied to men and women alike, how it was physically impossible on a long term basis to sustain the path of constant GO, how we ebbed and flowed with our own seasons, as well as the seasons around us. As a sufferer of burn-out and obviously bearing in mind what I do, this translated towards how we plan in business and how we undertake projects, taking account of those ebbs and flows.

Couple this with my long-term desire to hold a circle where the collective alchemy builds and supports the whole, I began to let the thoughts swirl, knowing they would settle eventually. I even tried to write about it in my blog or newsletter, I’m sure I’ve made veiled references, but something else came to the fore instead - every time - the timing was just not right.

Back to the poll, the answers from the group, very definitely pointed towards a meeting on Thursday or Friday afternoon, to be held fortnightly. So off I popped to the diary on Monday to create invites - lo and behold I was reminded that Thursday is the new moon, and two weeks later would be the full moon! Without any real effort from me, the SOULpreneur Business Circle was birthing and not only that, was birthing in line with our natural rhythms!

I have absolutely no idea how this will shape up (or indeed if anyone will even arrive), but as I write this I am overwhelmingly grateful for the synchrodestiny ‘feeling’ I have right now and intend to bring this feeling into the foundations of the circle. I have a vague agenda, but I know that the group will morph in line with the energies we each bring to the circle.

The group is by invitation only. If you are reading this and feel drawn to join us on this journey into the unknown, consider it an invite! There are two ways to RSVP …

  • If you already know me and we’ve met in person or on-line then please just ask to join the FB group, all the details are in there.
  • If you don’t know me, but nevertheless feel drawn to me or the group, let’s chat! There’s a link to my diary on the website called Let’s Chat, I’d love to meet up for a virtual cuppa!

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