No glamour, no filter.

Natalie Burtenshaw | 18 September, 2020

            No glamour, no filter.

Just an average morning routine...
No matter where I am in the world, my routine stays the same.

I'm not talking about the mothering/partner/work duties, but the 30-45 minutes I get to myself, it always stays the same. Length of time may vary, what time I start may vary.... but content stays the same. Consistency!
Mumma's; both Charlie and I work for ourselves, so we do allow each other some kind of morning time (I am lucky!) However when Charlie is in London, I do plonk Eden infront of his ipad - I don't allow myself Mummy guilt.... a happy Mummy is a happy Eden. I may get interrupted with toilet requests, ipad battery life running low, or the absolute need for a very urgent briochee (we are currently in France), but the point is; I always return to what I was doing.

My routine;
Some form of exercise - yoga, hit, run. (Eden often joins in)
Full body shaking - absolutely love this practise.
Breathwork - usually 30 deep inhalations. Deeper breathwork I may do at times throughout the day.
Meditation - this is a short practise, to make an important connection for the day. Deeper meditation I do later in the day, normally the evening.
Cards - I choose my cards for the day.
Cacao and daily intention - Well you all know how this plant medicine has enriched my life.

How do you start your day?
Is there ways you could alter just a couple of things, to build your own routine, more aligned to things you want to bring in?
~ Nb

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