Day 7 -Spring {Pre-ovulatory Phase}

Natalie Burtenshaw | 26 February, 2021

            Day 7 -Spring {Pre-ovulatory Phase}

Join me #28daywelcomebackyourcycleawarenesschallenge

This 28 day challenge was born from a place of welcoming back the whole month of a woman's cycle. Often, it's just the time of menstruation that we give any consideration to our cycle. Our complete cycle is the inner compass to our bodies needs, and a guide to living a more balanced, meaningful connected life.


Day 7 -Spring {Pre-ovulatory phase}

Moon 98.8%

Follicular Stage 

Oestrogen is high

Reflective Dynamic

Feeling very much in my power today. My spring is here, both in my body and from the blue skies outside, giving me an overall sense of the new, and the possibilities. 


Day 7 Rituals
  • Daily meditation practice 
  • Cold Shower
  • Breathwork
  • Light weight training/yoga


Inspired Action
Power Statement;  I am unlimited.
Body Statement;  I am happy, today is a happy today.
Grateful; I am grateful for having the opportunity to interview some incredible women. 


Flow; N/A
Emotions; Feeling VERY positive.
Overall Energy; My energy levels are at about 80 percent.
Other Symptoms; N/A
Discomfort; N/A
BOLT Score; 17.1 (an increase)
Temperature; 35.7
Slept; Really well
Dreamt; No



Breathwork to Energise ~ Sufi Breath


  • I like to do this practise to music. I stand placing my hands on my stomach.
  • Three short sharp exhales through the mouth.
  • One sharp inhale through the mouth. Repeat.
  • After a few breaths, I start bouncing around the room. Play music to deepen the practice.


As with all deep breathing exercises, the increased flow of oxygen improves brain function and cleanses the inner organs. It's a great exercise to start your morning. 


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