Day 2 -Winter {Menstrual Phase}

Natalie Burtenshaw | 23 February, 2021

            Day 2 ~ Winter

Join me #28daywelcomebackyourcycleawarenesschallenge
This 28 day challenge was born from a place of welcoming back the whole month of a woman's cycle. Often it's just the time of menstruation that we give any consideration to our cycle.  Our complete cycle is the inner compass to our bodies needs, and a guide to living a more balanced, meaningful connected life.


Day 2 -Winter {Menstrual Phase}

Moon 68.6%

Follicular Stage 

Oestrogen and Progesterone hormone levels are at their lowest 

Reflective Phase


I'm certainly feeling low, feeling of self doubt and low self worth. Cramps are still present.


Day 2 Rituals

  •  Being yin
  •  Moon tea or milk
  •  RRR {rest, reflection, restore}
  • Give my blood back to the earth
  •  No caffeine, alcohol or processed foods
  •  Tune in to my psychic awareness
  •  Daily meditation practice to include a Yoni Mudra


Inspired Action
Power Statement;  I am loved and championed.
Body Statement;  I welcome the winter and look forward to spring.
Grateful; I am grateful for my loving family.


Flow; On a scale of 1-10 I would say 10.
Emotions; Sad, low self worth, why am I doing all this, will anyone even read this post! On a number of occasions today, I've had to remind myself that this is my winter, the feelings I am experiencing will past. This is all very normal. This is a time for hibernation. It was important not to sit in the space of habitual feelings. I found the  Breathwork for Feeling Anxious helpful {please see below}.
Overall Energy; I listened to by body and rested, being a Saturday made this more possible. I was in bed by 8pm to rest I actually didn't fall asleep until close to 11, which is a lot later than normal for me.
Other Symptoms; Other Symptoms; I used my bowels twice, this is very normal in the early days. Just before menstruation, our body releases a hormone known as prostaglandin. This hormones stimulates muscle contractions in the uterus to help the body shed the uterus lining. Prostaglandin-related cramps usually occur in the first three days of your menstrual period.
Discomfort; My cramps are better, but slightly there. I found great comfort in my Pink Moon Release Tea.
BOLT Score; 16.50
Temperature; 35.9
Slept; Very well
Dreamt; Yes, very vivid.


Breathwork For Feeling Anxious


  • Sit comfortably.
  • Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach. 
  • Take a deep nose to belly inhale (4 seconds) the hand on your belly should move. If you are breathing deep enough the hand on your heart will remain still.
  • Take a long slow exhalation through the mouth, completely emptying your lungs of air.
  • Try this action roughly ten times. Take a moment to connect with how you are feeling continue if required.

This is a powerful breathing practice to do whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed. 

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