Day 1 -Winter {Menstrual Phase}

Natalie Burtenshaw | 22 February, 2021

            Day 1 - Winter

Join me #28daywelcomebackyourcycleawarenesschallenge

This 28 day challenge was born from a place of welcoming back the whole month of a woman's cycle. Often, it's just the time of menstruation that we give any consideration to our cycle. Our complete cycle is the inner compass to our bodies needs, and a guide to living a more balanced, meaningful connected life.


Day 1 -Winter {Menstrual Phase}

Moon 59.3%

Follicular Stage 

Oestrogen and Progesterone hormone levels are at their lowest 

Reflective Phase

This month my menstruation was late by 11 days. From memory this had only happened to me once before, a lapse of 4 days. Those 11 days took me through a journey of sadness and loss, that perhaps change is coming... then I got myself together and looked at all the practical reasons why it could be late;

  • pregnancy
  • lack of ovulation
  • hormonal changes
  • stress
  • weight gain/loss
By day 10 of the missing period, I knew it was time to go deep, really start to look at what's going on.
Day 11 arrived, I started my Saturday morning with a class I co-host, offering breathwork, meditation and dance. We often pick the theme of our class based on what we are experiencing that week, so this week was yoni + womb connection. It was a beautiful class.
I then met a friend for a walk and discussed my cycle again - space was created for me to express how I felt.
I returned home, not feeling too well, my back, hips and legs were feeling really heavy and tired, after about 30 minutes of relaxation my bleed started! Let me tell you I’ve been shouting out about it from the roof top ever since! So this is me…. one happy Mumma. 
My bleed started with a huge bang, she is really letting her presence be known. Saturday afternoon was all about rest and self care.


Day 1 Rituals

  •  Being yin
  •  Moon tea or milk
  •  RRR {rest, reflection, restore}
  •  No caffeine, alcohol or processed foods
  •  Tune in to my psychic awareness
  •  Daily meditation practice to include a Yoni Mudra


Inspired Action
Power Statement;  I am grateful for my feminine intuition.
Body Statement;  I am able to process this time with ease.

Grateful; I am grateful for my loving relationship.

Flow;On a scale of 1-10 I would say 7.
Emotions;Initial excitement with the return of my best friend, moving through to a sense of quietness, clarity and a need to watch rather than being involved.
Overall Energy;I listened to by body and rested, being a Saturday made this more possible. I was in bed by 8pm to rest I actually didn't fall asleep until close to 11, which is a lot later than normal for me.
Other Symptoms;I used my bowels twice, this is very normal. Just before menstruation, our body releases a hormone known as prostaglandin. This hormones stimulate muscle contractions in the uterus to help the body to shed the uterus lining.  Prostaglandin-related cramps usually occur in the first three days of your menstrual period.
Discomfort;My cramps seem to be pulling my hips and legs from one side to the other. I found great comfort in my Pink Moon Release Tea, a hot bath followed by Breathwork for womb pain{please see below}
BOLT Score; 15.5
Temperature; 36.4
Slept; Very well
Dreamt; No


Breathwork for Womb Cramping

A simple exercise to help alleviate menstrual pain....


  • Lie down and bring your knees up, with your feet on the ground and allow your knees to fall to either side of your body. So your hips are completely open.
  • Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your womb space.
  • Take a deep nose to belly inhale (4 seconds) the hand on your womb should move. If you are breathing deep enough the hand on your heart will remain still.
  • Take a long slow mouth exhalation (8 seconds).
  • Try this action roughly ten times, continue if required.
  • Take this time to connect with your womb, talk to your womb.
This is a powerful breathing practice to do whenever your womb or body cramps.


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