Day 18 - Summer {Ovulatory phase}

Natalie Burtenshaw | 09 March, 2021

            Day 18 - Summer {Ovulatory phase}

Join me #28daywelcomebackyourcycleawarenesschallenge

This 28 day challenge was born from a place of welcoming back the whole month of a woman's cycle. Often, it's just the time of menstruation that we give any consideration to our cycle. Our complete cycle is the inner compass to our bodies needs, and a guide to living a more balanced, meaningful connected life.

Day 18 - Summer {Ovulatory phase}

Moon 16.2% - in Libra

Luteal Stage 

Progesterone rises

Expressive phase

The egg release period last for roughly 12-24 hours. After ovulation progesterone is on the rise which may causes you to feel a bit more sluggish, and a little more guarded. I can sense the change in my body, although I still feel upbeat I am aware of the shift. 

Constipation, crampiness, or nausea is not uncommon with ovulation and just after, yesterday I was craving all the foods I shouldn't be eating. High fibre foods are important at this phase. I've snacked a lot today...I'm aware I've not had enough water, as I have a slight headache.

Boosting my energy in preparation for lower energy levels {Autumn} is important.




Day 18 Rituals
  • HIIT class
  • Pink Moon Tea
  • Cold Shower
  • Meditation
  • Energy Boosting Breathwork


Inspired Action
Power Statement; I am full of energy.
Body Statement;  I am in flow.
Grateful; I am grateful for the way by body works.


Flow; N/A
Emotions; Happy with a slight shift, going inwards.
Overall Energy; My energy levels are at about 90 percent.
Other Symptoms; Hungry
Discomfort; N/A
BOLT Score; 12 (massive drop)
Temperature; 36.2
Slept; Really well
Dreamt; Yes




Breathwork to Energise and Power Up.


  • Sit comfortably, just notice your breath. Breath normally in and out.
  • Take a moment to tune into your daily power statement. {I am infinite power}. Turn that power statement into a mantra. Keep breathing.
  • With that power statement firmly in your mind take short sharp breaths through the nose. Inhale - two breaths in, exhale - once out (all through the nose) ten times.
  • Breathe in for 4, breathe out for 8, five times.
  • Breath in and out with sigh .

This is a powerful breathing practice to do each morning, to start your day.

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