Over the years my viewpoint on cleansing crystals has changed. I use to have a whole ceremony when bringing a new crystal into the house or before it came in contact with other crystals, however it never really sat well with me (the whole ceremony included sage, water, salt cleanse or the moon, to name a few...). It then dawned on me: why are we using crystals as tools to help us if they are so vulnerable? Crystals are incredibly stable due to their structure and vibrational rate.

Crystals molecules have a very specific geometric pattern which creates a very stable structure, and omits a bubble like protection around it, making them incredibly stable, hence why I no longer take my crystals though a cleansing process as once before.

All this being said, crystals base residence frequency can be affected, (perhaps if you or someone else has incredibly heightened emotions and used the crystals) however on most occasions the crystal will re-collaborate itself over time, clever!

There is a practice I recommend if you wish to facilitate the crystals frequency quicker, I suggest sound acoustics or re-tuning.  

Re-tuning is a simple process where by you use sound over your crystal to re-collaborate, it sends energy frequency vibration through the crystal, this enables the crystal to go back to it's original state or alignment.

I use a tuning fork, but you could use crystals singing bowls or another high frequency instrument, an instrument you can feel the vibration. it doesn't matter what note is played.

Our tuning fork has a frequency of 528 hz.

From time to time I do take my crystals out under the full moon, this is more of a ceremonial style activity, to give thanks to my crystals, you can read more about that here {Read On}