Giving thanks

From time to time I take my crystals out under the full moon, this is more of a ceremonial style activity to give thanks to my crystals, read more below. For how I cleanse new crystals, please read on here {Read On}

My ceremonials steps for cleansing crystals using the full moon, to give thanks to the work my crystals do.

Wash ~A simple wash under the tap will do.

Set your crystals outside ~I put my crystals outside just after sunset, in a covered area. If you do not have an outside space, next to a window is fine. As I place my crystals down I let go of something that no longer serves me.

The following morning ~I allow my crystals to sit in the sun for a period of time.

Charge with intention ~Once you have all your crystal back in your ritual space or home, it's now time to infuse your crystals with intentions. You could do this as a group or individually choose a stone and give it, it's own intention, for example;

Rose quartz - I thank you for all the love in my life. I may ask for love to be directed towards a particular person.

Amethyst - I ask help to activate spiritual awareness, open intuition and enhances psychic abilities. 

How I close my monthly ritual~I close this ritual by burning sage, swiping the sage over my crystals and thanking Mother Earth for all she offers us.

Please refer to my earlier post on cleansing your crystals {Read on}.

 ~NB x