Full Moon Ritual

Natalie Burtenshaw | 26 May, 2021

            Full Moon Ritual

A full moon is a magical occurrence that happens once a month and it's a gift...It's an opportunity to say goodbye to all that no longer serves you, all that you wish to leave behind.

If you are at home and wondering how to welcome in a full moon here is my FULL MOON RITUAL...
Step 1 ~ Relax
Starting your ritual with the element of water is a great way to co-create with the moon and receive it’s wisdom, look at how the moon affects the tides. Self care is also an important offering.
Step 2 ~ Create your Sacred Space
Find a space where you can sit peacefully and organise your ritual tools in front of you. I always have my crystals at hand. Offer an incense stick to your space and use your sage to cleanse, letting the white smoke purify your sacred space. Light a candle.
Step 3 ~ Meditate
Comfortably sit and close your eyes, allow your mind to be calm. Take some deep breaths to get grounded.
Step 4 ~ Time to Write
Make a list of all the things in your life you wish to release. It could be negative thoughts, addictions, situations, people, bad energy or anything you wish to let go of. For example:
◊ I release myself from…
◊ I cleanse myself of...
◊ I free myself of….
◊ I forgive myself for…
Step 5 ~ Speak to the Universe
When you are ready, place a crystal into your palm and connect it to your heart. Read aloud to the full moon, your list of affirmations, cast them out into the universe and set them free. Take a moment to feel those negative emotions slip away. Make a promise to yourself to take care of you.
Step 6 ~ Reflect
Allow the energy you have created to surround you. Use your pendulum to choose a moon card for extra direction or insight. Keep your crystal with you the entire evening, and before bed place it outside under the moon. The next morning connect with your crystal and keep it with you throughout the day so that it can remind you of what you have already let go of.
Basically there is no wrong or right, it's about feeling into the energy, the magic of the moon. Go with your gut.
~NB x

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