What are your cyclical seasons + phases



Your cyclical seasons are just like the seasons of the year.

Learning your seasons is important, it’s simple and different for every woman. Just as the seasons, your body has it’s own energetic blueprint and only when we live authentically through the year can we really connect with our surroundings. Our bodies and cycles work in the same manner.

As you start to chart you may notice signals your body is displaying when moving into the next season. The key is to be aware, listen to shifts. Every woman cycles in her own way, on average a cycle is 28 days, below I have given you a average guide to days and phases.

Inner Winter ~ Menstrual phase - approx day 1 - 7

At the beginning of your cycle, progesterone levels fall, you shed the lining of your womb and you bleed. Just as the winter you might feel you want to retreat from the world. This is a time for you to rest.

Inner Spring ~ Pre-ovulatory phase - approx day 7-14

During this phase your energy is slowly building and your attention is moving from inward to the external world. Oestrogen levels really gets going which will leave you looking good and feeling good too!

Inner Summer ~ Ovulatory phase - approx day 14 - 21

Oestrogen and energy levels are at it’s highest, you feel fair more confident and it’s a time to manifest and achieve. It’s the perfect time to showcase your talents and let the world know who you are. If you are trying to conceive, this is the time...

Inner Autumn ~ Premenstrual phase - approx day 21- 28

Progesterone peaks during the first half of this period, only to drop abruptly leaving you feeling little more overwhelmed in the second half. Feeling angry, sad, frustrated or depressed are all possible during this period.