Red Tent Tribe

Our tribe consists of women of all ages, and all walks of life. We are all on a journey to abundance, joy and peace and are all on different stages of personal and spiritual growth. At our Tent, we cry, we laugh, we support and adore one another. All that we do and say is shared in a safe, private non judgmental environment. We soulfully welcome new Sisters. Here are a few of our founding members...

Natalie Burtenshaw Natasha Davids
I am so pleased to be able to facilitate the ancient practice of a Red Tent into our modern lives. For me, being part of this group truly has been an liberating experience. I have gained so much knowledge from my fellow Sisterhood. 
Joining the Hove Red Tent Tribe is part of my journey to care for myself more and open up to new ways of living life for the better. This wonderful group of open-minded women are all on the same path to enrich and fulfil their lives; we can share our experiences and issues in a safe, confidential environment, without judgement, support and advise one another.I have de-cluttered a lot in my life in terms of friends, relationships and work. I hope to offer the ladies some of the techniques I have used to enable me to look objectively at situations, make decisions and lead a much simpler life without complication, guilt and regret.
Fiona Mc Kinnon
Alex Smallman
I have joined the Red Tent Circle since the first evening. I love allowing myself that one evening a month to just be myself, share, be curious, be open and to hear from other women. I always go home at the end of the night feeling lighter for sharing and calmer for taking the time out of the everyday. Natalie creates such a welcoming environment. I’m always the last to leave! I am curious about alternative health therapies and have recently started a meditation and self care program alongside the crazy traditional fitness regime!
The Red Tent Tribe - Wow - where do I even begin?! Since the very first Red Tent Tribe event, I knew I was in a very special place. No judgement, no inner voice, just a sense of freedom and such kindness. It makes me very humble to think that I am blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful women, all of whom have so much to share. It's like an extra special BIG girls night out, minus the booze! That one night a month to be truly uplifted and inspired and I am so excited to be on this path with many other very special people. Join us, it's all for sharing.
Laura Beddoe
Frankie Knight Bigwood
Hi Im Laura Beddoe also a Holistic Therapist, I don't believe in coincidences in life, meeting Natalie has been a blessing. Red Tent is a chance to meet other women looking to get a better relationship with themselves and spiritual practice. Running my own holistic business it allows me to fill up my cup on a monthly basis thus spilling over everyone I touch with my life and work with. Thank you for putting on such a great event.
They say you should always be the most stupid person in the room, so you can gain and learn from everyone around you. I joined The Red Tent Tribe to explore my spiritual side, to learn from some of the greatest women I’ve ever met, to share our experiences, to have a moment together, yet alone in our own thoughts. It’s a few hours a month where we sit, we listen, we share, we cry, we smile, we laugh, boy do we laugh! But most of all we love. We love our journeys, our wisdom, our history, our insight, we love each other. There is a power growing in this group, watch out world, we are coming for you!