Red Tent for Soulpreneurs


Red Tent Circle for Soulpreneurs


Traditionally, when the women went into the Red Tent, the elders would ask them to bring their collective wisdom to the issues and challenges faced by the village. There was a deep understanding of the clarity and wisdom that resulted from the time out taken in the tent. When I heard that story for the first time, I was simultaneously moved by the truth of the story and so touched by how distorted our world is now, in terms of honouring the ebb and flow of not only our personal natural cycles but also natures cycles.


And I really wanted to bring that to business.

I was completely disillusioned by the 5am club, the constant striving and push to do ALL the THINGS and everyone on social media telling me that they (and only they) had the answer to my business success.


Surely, as Soulpreneurs we could change this paradigm? Run our businesses from our hearts in line with our natural cycles, including the breath. So, I started to explore. Firstly, the moon cycle and then so much more.


The Red Tent for Soulpreneurs is a place where you can turn up honestly. You do not need your social media business game face. We want to see you as you are in the moment. We’ll share your celebrations with you, and we’ll support you with our collective wisdom when you have a challenge. More importantly we’ll support you to access your own wisdom. Our business circle is a place for the whole you to check-in, ask questions, share your offers that serve the community and essentially know that someone will always be there for you.

When we can, we meet in circle, face to face in Hove. For now, we will meet online – click here to book our ‘by donation’ events.

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Ava Betsy. 211-213 Portland Rd, Hove BN3 5JA

If you would love to join our Red Tent Tribe and attend our events {we would love to have you}, but have questions please get in contact with Natalie {here}.
If you feel that joining our online forum would suit you to start with, then please connect with us via Faceboook Request to be part of the group, we would love to have you and look forward to your contribution too.