Leigh Fergus


Hi I’m Leigh, the Soulful Marketing Coach. Marketing is my passion and superpower. It's what lights me up, but I know many heart centred entrepreneurs like you find it challenging and that makes me sad because you’re incredibly gifted at what you do.
I'm on a mission to make sure that marketing isn't the thing that's holding you back from serving the world with your
greatest gifts - and making an extraordinary living doing so.
I use my 15+ years experience in marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development - working with some of the top coaches and authors in the world such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Gabby Bernstein - to light up you and your business.

There have been times where despite being successful on the outside, deep down inside I knew I had more to offer. Below you can read about my journey to become the Soulful Marketing Coach.