Kim Craig


 Kim attends our Red Tent for Mothers & Mothers to be once a month.

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I am a Birth & Postnatal Doula, Medical Herbalist and HypnoBirth Coach. 

I have a Degree in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine).  Whilst studying I specialised in the application of Herbs before, during and after birth.  I use herbs to treat pregnancy and postpartum related conditions that often go untreated with conventional medicine. I am also passionate about Gestational and Type 2 Diabetes and how to manage blood sugar without medication.

 I began supporting family and friends during childbirth over 25 years ago and have 3 children of my own.  I trained as a Doula 17 years ago with the wonderful Cassandra Clemens and went on to do the Paramana Doula training with Michelle Odent and Liliana Lammers.

 Since then I have also trained to be a HypnoBirth coach with Katherine Graves and take great joy in combining all my skills to help women, their families during the journey from pregnancy, through childbirth and on to caring for the newborn. 

 There is no right or wrong way to navigate this amazing journey: at home, in hospital, in water or in a dark corner somewhere, the most important thing is that the mother believes in herself and feels confident, well supported and well prepared.  I believe in helping my clients to empower themselves so that they can make the best choices for themselves and their baby.