Cleansing your Crystals

Over the years my viewpoint on cleansing crystals has changed. I use to perform a  whole ceremony when bringing a new crystal into the house or before it came in contact with other crystals, my whole ceremony included sage, water, salt cleanse or the moon...

It then dawned on me; why are we using them as tools to help us if crystals are so vulnerable? Crystals are incredibly stable due to their structure and vibrational rate. Crystal molecules have a very specific geometric pattern which creates a very stable structure, and omits a bubble like protection around it.

Saying that, it is possible a crystals base residence frequency could be affected.  There is a practice I recommend if you wish to facilitate a crystals healing frequency, I suggest using a tuning fork.


Sound and particularly 4096 Hz, is a simple process of using sound over your crystal to re-calibrate or cleanse it. It sends energy frequency vibration through the crystal, this enables the crystal to go back to its original state or alignment. We use a tuning fork, but you could use crystal singing bowls or another high-frequency instrument, an instrument you can feel the vibration. It doesn't matter what note is played.

Our tuning fork has a frequency of 4096 Hz, and you can VIEW IT HERE