One-One, Groups + Online

On my own journey, Conscious Connected Breathwork has been an incredible modality that has not only changed me, but assisted me on my healing pathway.

Breathwork has enabled me to be vulnerable and watch it in others, it's helped me to move through this magical life with a brand new perspective on the way I live. I am now fully integrated in this journey and it has never let me down...sharing this magic with others is now my main focus, and I hope that as you are here; working together maybe something you wish to consider...

One to One
  • One to one in person in Hove ~ Breathing and Reiki Healing 90 minutes - £60. {Contact Natalie}


  • In circle, in person feminine weekly Wednesday mornings 10am, Hove ~ Breathing and Reiki Healing 90 minutes - £15 - We welcome women, trans and non-binary. {Contact Natalie}
  • In circle, in person monthly Wednesday evenings 7pm, Hove ~ Breathing and Reiki Healing 90 minutes - £10 - We welcome all genders. {view here}
  • Half day workshop, in-circle ceremony ~ Breathwork, sisterhood, cacao, reiki healing, sound healing, movement and vegan lunch. Limited to ten.  Perfect for group days out. {Contact Natalie}


  • Free online group Breathe with Duncan Bailey with guests ~ Friday 1pm UK time. {view here}