The Feminine Power of a Red Tent

Natalie Burtenshaw | 04 April, 2021

            The Feminine Power of a Red Tent

Men and Women are cyclical creatures...we all connect with the days and nights, seasons, planetary changes, breathing, the human life cycle and even the way we consume foods and wine (based on biodynamic seeding).

Women have an added cycle, a cycle that for most of us is quite confronting; the menstrual cycle, the time of purification renewal, insight and for some physically and emotionally draining.

I have not always celebrated my period, or even thought about how my entire cycle affected my period. I was just in the doing and coping of it all. It was not until I stopped and listened to what my cycle was telling me and acknowledged the history of how our ancestors did things, did I truly connect with the incredible gift us women have been given.

Throughout the years based on cultures and communities a Red Tent may have meant something slightly different, but on a whole it was a place where women came to be together to support each other, discuss important community issues and connect to the natural energy life forces, and celebrate this sacred time. 

It has been said that women bleeding on the full moon (Red Moon Cycle) were the women associated with the wise women of the Tribe, the healers or wisdom keepers. In some cultures it was said that menstruation was so powerful it interfered with sacred ceremonies, and so menstruating women were moved to the space of a Red Tent.  In other cultures it was said that important community issues would be presented to the women during the Red Tent period and the women's could make important decisions for the Tribe, having direct access to universal wisdom. Or it was quite simply a place of rest and renewal where the White Witches would look after the Red Witches and visa-versa.

Modern living keeps us all very insular, long gone are the days of Tribal living where we could be there to support one another and make decisions. With this huge shift in the menstruation energy I truly believe women have completely disconnected from the power of this time. Most of us have suffered emotionally and physically dreading 'that time of the month'.

What if we could change this inner dialogue and start honoring our flow? 

What if we could change our menstruation relationship for the collective and our daughters, starting with ourselves.

The rise of the feminine has thrown another spanner in the cycle works, but something that was incredibly important to secure our rising. A patriarchal society has left no room for women to embrace this sacred time, we've just have to get on with it...

What if we could find an even flow of the masculine and feminine at this time? What if we could connect with our ever-changing nature and leave the pain behind? What if we said 'Menstruation, I high five you'!




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