Love + Protection Travel Ritual Kit

Love + protection  bundle, perfect to carry with you throughout your day. 

Our bundle is presented in a beautiful blush velvet satin bag and three crystal description card. 

Sageis perfect for home cleansing or blessings, to raise the vibration in your home, office, meditation area or space. Cleanse sacred spaces, altars, crystals or tarot cards before a rituals or reading.

Palo santo which translates literally to 'holy wood' in Spanish. Its healing, medicinal and spiritual traits and abilities have been known and used for thousands of years.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and aligns with our heart chakra, governing the emotions. Rose quartz promotes acceptance of oneself and others. This is a great stone to bring kindness into your life. It is also good at helping us recognise kindness from others.

Clear Quartz Crystal is a master healer, carry this stone to become far more perceptive and gain clarity, this helps when finding yourself surrounded by the energy of others all day long. Energy-wise, clear quartz does it all! It absorbs, stores, enhances and releases energy as well as balances and focuses its flow.

Selenite works great in crystal grids or placed around the home to help disperse EMF's like Wifi and mobile phones. Selenite is a popular crystal when it comes to cleansing and clearing the home or office space. It helps dispel negative energy and enhances clarity. 


Combined, these crystals will help create a sense of love for yourself and others, as well as protect you from any negative energy that comes into your auric field. 

Use the cleansing tools to create a positive energetic field.


Carry these crystals with you in your pocket or bag, pulling them out whenever you need to center yourself or bring your attention back to your daily intention.


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