The Moment Company

The Moment Pebble

A new companion for your well-being and mindful practice.  

Introducing the Moment Pebble – the new way to improve your mental wellbeing and reduce stress - away from apps & screens. The Moment Pebble uses light to guide you through short but powerful, stress-reducing breathing exercises. Used alongside the Moment Method, a month-long mindfulness, meditation and breathing course, it's the perfect introduction to mindfulness, and upgrade on your existing practise. 



  • Moment Pebble: A companion for your mental wellbeing. Your Moment practice is anchored in the physical world with the Moment Pebble, a natural stone powder, hand finished, light led device, that visually guides you through a powerful breathing sequence.
  • Moment Method: An online program that introduces the concepts of mindfulness, habit formation, the emotional scale and breathwork providing you with the tools to build a daily mindful Moment practise. 
  • Moment Booklet: Getting you started on your Moment journey; this guide contains all you need to know to start making positive mindful changes in your life.
  • Moment Maker Network: Access to content from our growing panel of Moment Maker practitioners, as well as live Moment check-ins with the team.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions - External box Measurements 229x105x53mm

Weight - 1 x Pebble weight in kg: 0.4