Teen Sleep Well Ritual Kit

Treat your Teen to this lurioxious sleeping kit.

Our SLEEP WELL KIT helps your Teen form healthy habits/rituals before sleep time to create perfect sleep hygiene, all they need to wind down, relax and encourage that well deserved restful nights sleep.

Pack includes; 

  • Amethyst ~ Create your night time ritual by placing your amethyst under your pillow to promote relaxation. 
  • Lavender ~ Make sure your lavender is placed on your bedside table so the relaxing aroma aids your sleep time. 
  • Dreamcatcher ~ Your dream catcher serves a protective purpose so ensure it hangs above your bed.
  • Moonology Oracle Cards ~ Use your moon cards to gain ancient wisdom for healing, guidance and protection.
  • Velvet Journal ~ Write continuously for even a couple of minutes about your deepest emotions and thoughts, especially if it has been an emotional day, this will help let go of whatever has troubled you.Finally, count your lucky stars, journal five things that happened to you throughout the day, it’s important to be grateful.
  • Satin Mask Kit ~ mask, hair scrunchie, pouch.
  • Blush pink satin carry pouch.
  • Sleep well ritual card.

Love The Ritual Tribe x    



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