Large Mystical, Rose Quartz, Floral + White Sage Smudge Stick Bundle

Our Mystical, Rose Quartz, Floral + White Sage Smudge Stick Bundle are each hand wrapped using ethically sourced white sage, beeswax, local herbs, flowers and garden greens.

Our kit comes with;

  • White Sage
  • Large Magnetic Gift Box
  • Sage Ritual Card
  • Description Cards

We have added Rose Quartz to your bundle for added love. Gently remove before burning.

Sage has been used for thousands of years for spiritual practices by Native Americans, Greeks and Romans. Spiritually, sage is used to expel negative energy, combat stress and bring peace. We include beeswax in our sage wands because burning beeswax produces negative ions which combat allergens, bacteria, and mold in the air. Plus they smell great!

Our Sagemakes the perfect present.

Dimensions: 25cm  x 8cm

The Ritual... Create your sacred space by being open to all that is possible and enter the space welcoming in the highest vibration ~ Love.

Go from corner to corner with love and light speaking your affirmation, cleansing away negative energies.

“I ask the guide of the highest good of divine spirit and love, to cleanse my sacred space, remove negative energies and bring in the healing love of abundance and protection"

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