Cyclical Living - Menstruation + Moon Journal

Hey Warrior Woman

I say “warrior” because sometimes living with a cycle can feel like a battle. So, let me start by saying it again, “HEY WARRIOR WOMAN”

Track your entire cycle with our Menstruation + Moon Journal. Learn the ebbs and flows of your body, as it cycles through the moon and your own inner seasons.  

Our hardback journal boasts 300 pages of information all about YOU and the MOON CYCLE, as well as a daily tracker and a journal to share your thoughts and feels. Our journal helps you look at the whole 28 days of your cycle... not just focusing in on one phase.

Connecting with your body in a new way might be one of the most loving things you've ever done for yourself.

What if it was possible change our relationship with menstruation? What if this change could be done for the collective, our daughters, and our grand-daughters? What if we could find an even flow of the masculine and feminine at this time? What if we could reconnect with menstruation in such a way that we leave the pain behind? What if we felt called to say, “Menstruation, I high five you!”

We also offer guidance and around mindfulness, yoga, energy healing, breathwork to name a few, with our contributing authors;

Fiona McKinnon ~ The Moment Co

Tina Slade ~ Quantum Healing

Hannah Rayya ~ Trauma Informed Therapist

~ Natalie x