Moon & Menstrual Journal


Track your emotional and physical body, during the month...

This journal will give you the tools to enable you to connect with your menstruation, by paying attention to where you are in your cycle. Throughout this journal you will learn to connect with the menstruation journey, acknowledge your vibrant and quiet days, the moon phases and plan your schedule accordingly

Your cyclical seasons are just like the seasons of the year. Learning your seasons is important, it’s simple and different for every woman. 

How to chart your cycle... On the first day of your period (winter, day 1) take a moment to connect with how you are feeling, don’t forget to note the moon phase.

1. Emotional ~ Chart this section by marking with lines, a graph on how you’re feeling, you will use this visual to compare to your previous and following months.

2. Physical ~ Acknowledge the way you give back to yourself, bodily functions, how you slept and dreaming.

3. Use the notes section to record any other feelings/thoughts you may have.

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