Cleansing + Purifying Ritual Kit

Connecting the home and soul through divine spiritual guidance is the key to welcoming in the energy of peace. Manifest positive energies by cleansing your home or sacred space.

Perfect for blessing a new home or cleansing the one you are already in.

Create a beautiful sacred space of love, light and protection.

Our ritual kit contains;

  • Purifying Space Cleansing Spray.
  • Sacred White Sage Smudge Stick.
  • Palo Santo.
  • Uncut Selenite.
  • Sacred Selenite Salt Sack.
  • Alloy Sacred Salt Bowl.
  • Smudging Shell.
  • Ritual Affirmation Card.
  • White Magnetic Box.

Our affirmation card will guide you through the process to infuse cleansing energies of love and light into your sacred space.


The Ritual... Create your sacred space by being open to all that is possible and enter the space welcoming in the highest vibration ~ Love.

Begin your ritual by spraying your Pink Moon Mist around your space. Light the Sage and blow out the flame, letting the white smoke purify your sacred space. Sprinkle the crystal infused salt in to your Lotus Bowl allowing it to soak unwanted energies. Light the Palo Santo and rest it in the Smudging Shell.

Go from corner to corner with love and light speaking your affirmation, cleansing away negative energies.

“I ask the guide of the highest good of divine spirit and love, to cleanse my sacred space, remove negative energies and bring in the healing love of abundance and protection"


Box 22cm x 16cm

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