Oracle of the Fairies Ritual Kit

Fairies are elemental beings of light who are much closer to the physical world than you may realise. You have probably felt fairy energy many times before, especially after spending time in a forest or near water.

Our gorgeous fairy box is a must for any little girl wanting to connect to these beings for answers or guidance.

Our kits contains

  • Fairy Tarot cards.
  • Clear Quartz pendulum.
  • Rose Quartz heart.
  • Jade wand. 
  • Fairy ritual description.
  • Re-tuning information.
  • White gift box.

The Oracle of the Fairies card deck by Karen Kay includes a 44-card deck and 120 page guidebook. This deck connects the user to the fairy world to gain practical insight to everyday life and wellbeing.  

Hold the pendulum a few inches above your card deck while noting down the chosen  cards according to the direction in which the pendulum swings.

By holding your crystals during this ritual you will feel a closer sense to the elemental nature.




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