Crystal Elixir Bundle ~ For infused water

Crystal-infused water will help bring balance and beauty to your life, knowing this might encourage you to drink more water, which we all could do with.

Our crystals have been carefully chosen for their healing benefits, all quartz crystals are completely safe and non toxic. Tumbled stones are smooth stones which is easier to clean than ones with crevices and rough edges.

Our bundle comes with a blush satin bag so you can take your crystals with you, throughout your day.

We encourage using a glass cup to drink from and leave the crystal in the water for at least ten minutes.

Take the time to rinse the crystals by placing it under running water. It’s okay to use a bit of soap, just as long as you rinse it all off well. You also might want to cleanse it by placing it under the sun for several hours.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and aligns with our heart chakra, governing the emotions. Rose quartz promotes acceptance of oneself and others. This is a great stone to bring kindness into your life. It is also good at helping us recognise kindness from others.

Amethyst is considered the most powerful and protective stone and a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura. This stone will help to shield you against negativity.

Clear Quartz Crystal is a master healer, carry this stone to become far more perceptive and gain clarity, this helps when finding yourself surrounded by the energy of others all day long. Energy-wise, clear quartz does it all! It absorbs, stores, enhances and releases energy as well as balances and focuses its flow.


Putting crystals in water will charge your body with electrical currents and help open up blocked meridians.


Drink your infused daily.


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