Sonia Deighton

Sonia Deighton
Developmental Baby Massage Teacher

I began my time working with parents when I trained with the National Childbirth Trust as an Antenatal & Postnatal teacher in 1997 having previously worked as a Registered General Nurse since 1986.

My passion is for women and the relationship they have with their newborns. My experience has taught me that when a mother has a healthy relationship with their child - both pre and postnatally - they have the capacity to be happier and their parenting becomes more instinctive and less stressful, leading to a positive knock-on effect for their baby and others in their immediate world.

With this ethos in mind, I trained as a Baby Massage Teacher with Peter Walker, London in 2000.

Since then, I have taught hundreds of parents about (active) childbirth and baby massage. My focus is now on teaching baby massage and yoga.

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