I always thought I was happy, well I always have been in my own way but deep down, I wasn’t really I used to live life in the fast lane, I kept myself so busy that I never had time to stop and just be, I hated silence and often used to say, I love being manic because then I don’t think but never really knew why. 

I have trained in various modalities over the years including Indian Head Massage, various forms of Reflexology & Reiki and I practiced this as a hobby for over 10 years alongside my career. Married in 2008, two years later, he left me for a younger model and totally rocked my world – I remember then thinking shit, I don’t know who I am, what does Kerry like?  I have been in a relationship for 10 years and I don’t think I know who I am at all. The thing is I have spent my whole life being busy to the point where I didn’t even stop, I’ve done Marathons, Triathlons, the Three Peaks Challenge, worked with charities giving my time whenever I can.  I was a protector from an early age looking after my mum and have continued to be in that role, trying to protect everyone I met, anything that avoided getting to know me and what I really thought, I just blocked all that out.    Four years ago, I had my little girl and my life changed forever.  Work never felt the same, I didn’t have the same fulfilment I had there and after losing some dear friends in my life, in 2016, I left my media career without a job to go too but just with a knowing that it was time, I wanted to jump of the hamster wheel, I wanted more time in my day and I was done with all the rushing around.  I also knew I was destined for more but with no idea what that was. So fast forward two years and wow what a rollercoaster and transformation I have had.  

It started when I started my meditation practice and it would take me off on crazy wildest dreams and remember saying to my teacher, Is it normal to want to go and do crazy things and live all those fantasies I have dreamed of and she just said, listen to these messages and they are coming up for a reason and It would get clearer.  I then buried that thought and carried on with life and just enjoyed the meditations that took me somewhere else.    In February 2017, I began a 10 month intensive self-development course with The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) and went on to train as an EAM Mentor.  The journey has been life changing, I had no idea that I had things from my past that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. I remembered times in my life when I was taken advantage off I had never told a soul about any of this and it had been suppressed in my memory all these years. I had kept myself so busy all my life, other people were my focus, I worked hard, played hard, I never stopped because when I did, I felt uncomfortable.  Everything makes so much sense now and I had been so disconnected with myself. I have worked on all the feelings around shame and self-worth and in turn this has been a huge part of setting myself free from the trauma I experienced. I now know I had been lost in my childhood all my adult life without knowing it at all. I had protected myself to the point of being numb and never allowed myself to receive love, especially from myself.      

Someone recommended I visit a Tantra Practitioner to help release the trauma I had experienced. It was phenomenal and I felt so free at the end and I knew then that I needed to learn more which led me to train as a tantric practitioner. I now use a combination of Tantric practices and Energy Coaching to educate and empower others to deepen the connection to themselves and others and set them free from anything in their way.   I practice in Maidstone but I am also happy to offer sessions in your home if suitable for us both. 

I would love to speak to you and tell you more …