Nancy Valentine Smith



Nancy Valentine Smith
During this time of isolation, Nancy joined us RT ladies at our DAILY CHECK-IN, a real privilege to speak with Nancy at this time.


Bio -‘I am a Medicine Woman. I hail from Natewa Bay in the Province of Cakaudrove. My maternal links are the islands of Bua and Kadavu. My Totems are Shark, Seasnake, Octopus and Moro (Giant or Tall Man). I am the namesake of my Grandmothers.’
Nancy Valentine Smith was born in Suva, Fiji. Her gift comes from her ancestral lineage, a line of seers, oracles and medicine people.
Her mission is to teach and empower people in the ways of the heart, to understand the power of Love as a catalyst to powerful change in their lives. When people experience living life from love, from the fullness of their hearts they learn to love themselves and others equally. Then the magic begins.
Spreading the Wisdom of the Ages. Awakening Through the Heart, to co-create with people a new way of being.