Kirsty Kianifard

How I went from an undervalued and overwhelmed 'holistic therapist' to running multiple, award-winning businesses and helping other wellpreneurs up level their impact and income. 

Before any of this, there was a woman that was a slave to her passion, who came last on every list and who was so overwhelmed by the desperation to 'make it' that exhaustion was like an irritating sidekick. 

I believed in my mission to transform the lives of my clients so much that I would sacrifice everything for my clients and their needs. Only problem was, how could I show up as the best version of myself in order to serve my community when there was nothing left? The spark was fading fast.

The first few years were tough

I was comparing myself to everyone else and wondering if I should be a little bit more like them or offer my services the way they did. Every time I thought I had it nailed, I would find myself falling down the rabbit hole of comparison AGAIN and doubting everything. This led to procrastination, excuses, low energy and moving nowhere fast.

I was feeling like sh** and it seemed as if nothing was working, but more than that, I felt totally lost as to who I was. My clients were all telling me they loved my work, but I wasn’t really sure what that was, I didn't seem to fit into any of the boxes out there. You see when I was with clients things were different, I was totally in the zone. There was no doubting, no second guessing, I was tapped into something very VERY different. I WAS IN ALIGNMENT.

EcoSpa's, Training School's & International Coaching Practice

Then the penny dropped! I’d been working with energy mastery my whole career but when it came to my biz, I was all strategy and no soul. I was looking for someone to give me the winning formula, yet when it came to my clients I was always telling them that growth was not a one size fits all, so how could I expect this of my biz?

So that was it, I did a total 360 and applied everything I knew about energy mastery to grow my business and BOOM. No more comparison, no more self-doubt but A LOT of work on my energetic bandwidth and the energetic foundations of my biz.

Fast forward a few years and I now run a multiple award-winning EcoSpa in my home town of Brighton and Hove, BodyMind School - a training school for wellbeing warriors and an international coaching practice that enables me to share my journey and support other wellpreneurs build the impact and income their gifts deserve (and avoid the mistakes I made).