Kim Barnard

Kim Barnard

And after having my daughter things changed in my business. I suddenly went from knowing exactly what I was doing to not feeling confident, feeling lost and overwhelmed not just in my business but in life generally. I started to feel guilty about the time I didn’t spend with her and everything I did took so much more time and seemed so much more complicated. 

I started pondering: ‘How do you find time for yourself in between parenting and building a business?’ ‘How do you not feel guilty about this?’ ‘How can I do it all?’ Then I hit the bottom and didn’t have the energy to do any of it. I felt defeated like I was failing and everyone else had it sussed. I realised I wasn’t looking after the most important person in this equation, ME. I couldn’t give from an empty cup to my daughter, my partner or my business and I started  to change the way I did things. 

Back in 2015, I left my head of events management role with a global media company because I had done the same thing in many ways, I had completely ignored my needs and hadn’t looked after myself.  I started to see a pattern and realised that I had been modelling my parents. Both my parents created successful businesses while I was growing up but at the expense of their wellbeing. As children, we spent a lot of weekends in offices or onsite running riot while our parents worked. The impact that the continued stress and lack of self-care had on them has been significant. 

After my burn out I knew that I wanted to work in the health and wellness industry and I retrained as a personal trainer. For me, that was the epitome of self-care and I loved it. I challenged and changed the way people approached self-care and what they could do to enhance it and be the best version of themselves wholly, not just physically.  I started to notice the stories, blocks and limitations that my clients placed on themselves and how they ruled their lives and I wanted to help them change that so I became a life coach. 
topics. My work as a personal trainer means that I have a deeper understanding of what your body is telling you. During my time as a coach and entrepreneur, I have worked one-to-one with clients, created podcasts, workshops and other events, which has enabled me to coach entrepreneurs not only on starting their own business but also understanding where their self-care fits into that and how to create a work/family balance you are happy with.