Kahreela Anhara

Kahreela Anhara

"Hi my beautiful tribe, My name is Kahreela and I am a space holder, channel and light warrior-ess and founder member of Starlight Soul Journeys".

Every journey and ceremony is a collaboration and co-creation on so many epic and beautiful levels. Myself and my guides lead all ceremonies, circles and courses we do but we do not encourage hierarchy - there is no guru, no way-shower, everyone is equal and everyone shows up will the full spectrum of their truth, expression, light, and shadow. Everyone is a space holder, a healer and being healed. Within the circle of the tribe, everyone’s roles come from their essence, their innate gifts and my role is that of a Priestess of Ceremonies, which is smilier to being an energetic conductor - communicating and guiding the tempo and vision of the journeys. When I am space holding I am channeling. I use many different types of channeling, for intuition, to womb channeling, to downloading, to direct voice channeling to multidimensional and portal channeling. I am blessed to be able to channel a huge range of guides and energies, I channel Angels, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Temples, Deities, Ascend masters and many other types of Guides. During the bigger ceremonies, there will often be many guides and energies channeling through at one time to create a cauldron of healing energy, medicine, and wisdom.


Latest Video Replay

Kahreela Anhara, speaking to us about the MAGICAL MOON MONTH of June....which starts with a lunar eclipse.



Video Replay

In today's replay the beautiful Kahreela shared with us, from her Guides, a message about sound and humming.