Evelyn Brodie


Evelyn Brodie - Shamanic Practitioner and Integrated Healer

Having come from a very 'left brain' environment, I never expected to become an integrated healthcare therapist. However, as the result of a variety of profound experiences I have been blessed to receive, for the last 13 years I have been on a dual track journey.

From the right brain I have been experiencing many altered states of consciousness, learning how to allow our inner selves to reach their full potential and in the process, how to heal our integrated physical, mental and emotional bodies.

From the left brain I have been reading and learning, trying to understand dissociation, the psychology and physiology of stress and trauma, epigenetics, neuroplasticity and the modern post quantum physics of the inforealm, the holographic, entangled universe, in which our minds may simply be transmitters and receivers from a universal consciousness.

I see my purpose now as being a bridge between the world of modern science/medicine and the ancient healing practices of the indigenous peoples around the world. What they knew and the healing they have offered for centuries is not hippy, new age, bull... it is being rediscovered at the cutting edge of neuroscience and post quantum physics.

The trainings and experiences I have had include working around the Medicine Wheel with Alberto Villoldo's 'Healing the Light Body School' CLICK HERE; work with Q'ero shamans in the Andes and Shipibo shamans (and the plant medicine) in the Amazon; a remote viewing course with David Morehouse CLICK HERE; the Gateway and Lifeline programmes at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, working with hemi-sync sound and altered states of consciousness CLICK HERE; re-birthing with Deike Begg in London CLICK HERE; meditation classes at Samye Ling CLICK HERE and Dhanakosa Buddhist Centres in Scotland CLICK HERE and the Vipassa Centre in Chennai, India. Tantra classes with Martin at Transcendence Yoga, UK CLICK HERE and Ma Ananda Sarita at Osho Nisarga, India CLICK HERE

I have been a Reiki Master since 2007, I completed the Foundation Year at the Psychosynthesis Education Trust in London in January 2008, CLICK HERE, and I qualified in Craniosacral Therapy with Thomas Atlee at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in June 2009 CLICK HERE More recently I have qualified as a celebrant within the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants so that I may offer sacred, spiritual weddings, vow renewals and namings CLICK HERE

In my personal life I am married to my wonderful husband George Christie CLICK HERE - a shamanic practitioner, composer and musician. I practice tantra, meditation and Five Rhythms dancing and I am continuing on my quest to be aware, to live in the present, to be compassionate, to learn, to grow, to live with joy and to strive towards consciousness, which I believe is our purpose here on earth.

I aim to live each day with gratitude, as love, saying 'yes' to life.

I hope you will allow yourself to open your mind to the possibility that you are more than your physical body and I would welcome the opportunity to assist you to connect with your own healing energy and the universal Consciousness within which we are all tiny drops or sparks.

Finally, some words of gratitude and appreciation. I could not be where I am today without all those who have entered my life as teachers, clients and students. There are too many to list, but I express my love to all of them and especially my children, Alastair and Katrina.