Benedict Beaumont

Benedict Beaumont


When the Breathing is done...

Dear everyone

Wow. That was a big one. Thank you all. Thank you for turning up, showing up and stepping up. Thank you for being willing to connect. Thankyou for your shares. They were super powerful.

I wish to honour all of you for the work that you did. It is always profoundly moving to facilitate this kind of work and I just wish again to acknowledge the vulnerability you all bought today.  It was very tender and special for me too - I dont always say that!

It is an incredible honour for me as a man to come and facilitate for the Red Tent. To be surrounded by such strong and supportive feminine energy is a tremendous gift. Thankyou for that too.

You all feel pretty strong and grounded people so the next bit will seem common sense but it is worth saying. Breathwork is very powerful and can take a few days to integrate fully. The normal advice about eating nourishing food, drinking lots of water, being in nature, but above all being gentle on yourself is good for your whole life, but especially after a session like this. I recommend not doing too much (or expecting too much) over the next couple of days and relaxing as much as possible - journaling your thoughts, drawing, or even doing those things that we wrote about after the break (kicking leaves, colouring in, blowing out dandelions etc) as a good way to help process what you experienced. 

My job as a facilitator does not end with the workshop - if you would like to reach out to discuss anything that you are still processing please do (either through email, or if you would like to connect on facebook Im very happy to do that to, details at the bottom of the email).  I’m really happy to connect personally, either on Facebook, or through email too.

So what's next?

  • If you  would like to learn more about breathwork then there are lots of other things on my website including events, courses and programs. In particular:
    • I host a free Online Breathing Space every Thursday at 8.30pm UK time, where we do a 30 minutes Conscious Breathwork. Register on zoom here.
    • The Foundation Course is the Breathing Space signature program, and includes access to our weekly masterclasses and seminars. 
    • Several free courses including Take a Breath, Breathwork for Lung Health and my video channel where I interview well known breathworkers (there are some astonishing ones there).
  • If you are called to do more of this work (I knew on my first breathwork), and start to take this healing and magic out into the world yourself (and it sorely needs it right now) then I am about to start enrollment on my next facilitator training.
  • If you have any feedback, especially about ways we could improve the workshop, please do fill in a feedback form .
  • Public reviews and testimonials are always much appreciated (they can be done on the facebook page ) - it does help with outreach.

I think that is, but please do reach out if you have anything that I have missed!

Much love and I really mean it when I say please keep in touch (facebook, email whatever).