How I become a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator

Natalie Burtenshaw | 14 May, 2021

            How I become a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator

The International Breathwork Foundation states that Conscious Connected Breathwork as a breathing technique where you connect the inhale with the exhale, with no pauses. I think that simple explanation sums it up perfectly, inhale exhale, no pauses, a very simple and a very clean connected breath, that is in perfect flow.

However my work with the breath as been anything but simple, but most definitely in flow.... 
The lovely Dawn Wilson invited me along to an event held by 'The Breathing Space'. I sat in circle with a group of incredible people that now, for many have become more than just breathing companions, but friends. The space was held by Benedict Beaumont and he did an incredible job of making us feel at ease and safe as he took us through the process of connecting us to our inner knowing, to the function of what our body already knows what to do.

At that very point before we began the breathe, did I think I would be sitting here two years on, sharing my experience and in training to become a CCB facilitator? Not at all.... but here I am, trying my very hardest to share the magic of this practise to as many people that will listen.

For many years I have practised meditation, I'm pretty good at making this the focal part of my daily routine. My meditation has enabled my to look inward for the answers I already know, connect with my higher self, connect with my spirit guides and galactic family. All round, I don't know where I would be without it... Breathwork for me has turned out to be an extension of all of the above, it has heightened what I already thought was a perfect practise and boosted it to the next level. 

So there I lie, in circle, on instruction with my mouth fully open, inhaling and exhaling, no pauses, feeling a little vulnerable, feeling a little silly....I listened intently to Ben's calming but insightful words, feeling right into the moment and just like that, and just like magic I was taken on a journey, this journey kept me in a constant state, riding the ebbs and flow in tears and release, laughter and giggling, movement and stillness. I experienced it all and at that very moment, I knew I wanted more...

The oneness of group breathwork has enabled me to be vulnerable and watch it in others, it's helped me to move through this magical life with a brand new perspective on the way I live. I am now fully integrated in this journey and it has never let me down...