What is Conscious Connected Breathing

Natalie Burtenshaw | 16 June, 2021

            What is Conscious Connected Breathing

What is CCB or Conscious Connected Breathwork?

For me it has been the magic that entered my life when I never knew I needed it.... I wasn't looking, I thought I was fine, I loved my life and my connection to all that is.

Breathwork has taught me the importance of getting out of the way of my own self, and allowed me to be the observer.  It helped me understand that I grew up with my fair share of developmental trauma (like many of us) and how I sort to numb my way through life. I have unknowingly suffered through-out the years thinking that everyone felt like I did.

Breathwork is the medicine I needed for clarity and I am so grateful I found it.

How do we breathe consciously?

The International Breathwork Foundation states that Conscious Connected Breathwork as a breathing technique where you connect the inhale with the exhale, with no pauses. 

I think that explanation sums it up perfectly, inhale exhale, no pauses, a very simple and a very clean connected breath, that is in perfect flow. Or, circular breathing into the belly, up to the chest and heart and a soft exhale, for roughly 30 minutes, 3 hours if you prefer, in circle or a 1-1 session.

  • You may release trauma or PSTD stored in the body.
  • Have a spiritual experience.
  • Connect with your inner child.
  • Release chronic pain.
  • Address anger issues.
  • Help with depression.
  • Increase self-love for yourself and others.
  • Feel more relaxed.
  • Feel more joy.


Your experience will vary each time, trust that your body knows what you need. 

If you are interested in a 1-1 or to join a circle, please see options {here} or see our events page {here}.

NB x